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Saturday, March 17, 2018





Welcome to Eastcoast Sweep Services

When we think of a chimney sweep we conjure up an image of a soot covered child in the midst of the industrial revolution. Chimney sweeping is an ancient profession.
Records show that sweeps were earning their living as far back in the 16th century.
However in our world of modern conveniences such as central heating have largely replaced coal and wood fires used to heat our homes, you could easily assume that chimney sweeps no longer exists.
This however would be a false assumption:Chimney sweeps are modern and professional tradesmen.
If you are one of the growing number of people who have a functioning coal or multi-fuel stove in your home, it would be in your interest to acquaint yourself with a modern day chimney sweep.
We service most multi-fuel stove and wood burners Agas Rayburn,
We sweep most chimneys too.
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The Guild of Master Chimney Sweeps is a co-operative organization for professional chimney sweeps.
Members have met strict criteria and follow the highest standards in the industry.
Expert training, mentoring and ongoing education, along with the latest equipment and techniques,
mean that Guild sweeps can always provide the most professional service available.


 Be Carbon Monoxide Aware – protect yourself from the silent killer.
Carbon Monoxide is a highly poisonous gas that has no colour, taste or smell and can be produced by appliances that use gas, wood, oil or coal.
Carbon Monoxide can also be present in smoke from solid fuel or oil appliances. Carbon Monoxide is potentially fatal and even low-levels of the poison can cause lasting damage to your health.



Chimneys swept by rod and brush along with our own tag along study vac.
Multi-fuels stove and wood burner with flues are cleaned using a Viper system.
A smoke test is carried out after each sweep.
Replacement parts for most makes of multi-fuel and wood burning stoves.
Small fire places repaired.
We are trained and qualified by the guild of mater chimney sweeps
Fully Insured
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Registered installers are trained and approved to UKAS standards and can self certify that their work complies with the relevant building regulations. They have access to free Technical Handbooks, advice and updates, competitively priced insurance, equipment and Prompt Payer membership.

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